Twitter: Powered By Your Phones

If you watch TV, you have probably noticed the significant amount of shows now with ‘hash tags’ underneath them. This is because networks want you to make a tweet using that tag to get their program trending on Twitter. Today, Twitter is one of the most influential networks (if not the most influential one), and one of the reasons why is the fact that many people can’t stay off their smart phones. Some people use Twitter on their phone more than all their other apps combined! I myself  have been able to find some news on Twitter, before they’re available anywhere else on Google (aka Web)!

Twitter has just surpassed 500 million users, and around 150 million of those users reside in the United States. Even though Twitter has so many accounts, only about 27% of them are still active, meaning people set up the account but never continued to go on and be an active member of Twitter. Only 170 million people out of those 500, actually use Twitter regularly.

Twitter is still quite a bit behind Facebook (it has about half as many users), yet is still the second most used social networking website today(Twitter refuses to use the term Social Network and instead prefers “Information Network”). Since there are 150 million “tweeters” in the US, there are 350 million that aren’t! Jakarta, Tokyo, and London are the cities with the most amounts of tweets sent. The analysts who conducted this survey based these facts on the 1 billion tweets sent out during this past June, 61% of those tweets were sent out from mobile phones or iPads, making it the most used way to send out a tweet. The study conducted also found out some other markings for Twitter. The proportion of U.S. users is on the decline. It’s now at 27.4% of users, compared to 28.1% in January 2012. That still makes it the biggest single Twitter nation, however.

Regardless of who and where people are using this amazing medium, Twitter is clearly on the rise. Smartphones have been a major player into the growth of Twitter and they should only boost the popularity over time. The apps designed for it are simple yet effective, making it easy for anyone to tweet or make a comment with the hash tag. What are your favorite hash tags?

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