Phone Companies Are Hoping You Lose Your Phone

Every 3.5 seconds a cellphone is lost. That’s over 9 million phones lost each year. This outstanding number is translating into is a massive profit for American phone companies, over 30 billion dollars a year is spent in cellphone costs. For the average person, a new phone can cost them on average $200 to $400 dollars, and the phone providers are laughing all the way to the bank.

Losing your phone is becoming an undeniable problem in America. Studies conducted in 2011 tried to link together the pieces using a mobile phone app that tracks lost cells. Each day, over 7 million dollars worth of phones are lost. It seems though, that there stands to be a pattern in the data of lost phones. The places where the cellphones are lost most frequently are: Cleveland, Oakland, Detroit and Newark, which happen to coincidentally be cities with high crime rates.

There’s also a trend among what time people lose their phone, with the highest reported times being between 9pm and 2am. If you think about it, this makes total sense, nightlife is full of taxi rides, restaurants and bars open until late at night. If you’re in Philadelphia be prepared for spending extra cash, as the city of brotherly love had the highest percentage of lost phones in 2011. Other top contenders were Seattle, Long Beach and New York. The most likely place to lose your phone is a coffee shop, followed by a Bar.

For most people the cost isn’t as upsetting as the private info that is lost on their phone. Pictures, Videos, and private accounts like bank statements or email are terrifying in the wrong hands. Anything that you’ve left unprotected on your phone is up for grabs for whoever finds it. The best protection against this is keeping a lock on your phone, if you have a tech savvy phone, it most likely comes with the option under your settings already. If you happen to be one of the 50% who retrieves there phone after losing it, you should consider yourself lucky as it isn’t easy to do…but it could be.

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