How To Track A Phone

We’ve all had that moment, that stop you in your tracks sinking feeling when you realize your cell phone is gone. Try to keep calm and think about the ways you can retrieve it. If you’re around your friends or just inside of your home, use a friend’s phone or landline to call your number and help track your phone. As long as your cell phone isn’t dead or on silent, it should start ringing and you’ll be able to track it down underneath the pillow on the bed or underneath the sofa you were sitting on.

How to Track a Phone

If your cell phone is dead or you can’t hear it ringing, start searching! Look on kitchen tables, underneath piles of books or papers, near plugs or cabinets. Putting your cell phone down and leaving it, only takes a matter of seconds, and it could be minutes or even hours before you realize it’s missing. Even looking in the most obvious places can help. Make sure you’re calm when looking as you can walk right past it if  you’re in a hurry, making your search longer and more worrisome.

Ideally, throughout this process you need to know your own phone number to call it, and your    friend’s phone number to also help you call your phone if they’re not around. This sounds like a very obvious statement, yet today all of the numbers that we used to remember for people we know, like family and friends, are now so conveniently stored away in our smartphones we don’t bother to memorize them. The worst part about losing your phone is realizing how much information you actually have stored away in that little device. Simple things like best friends’ phone numbers, which  are now just pushes of a button rather than a memory. In a way, it’s a little scary to realize how    helpless we are without our phones.

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