How To Get 3 Days Of Free Time!

Time is our most valuable and sacred asset. And, due to our modern busy living, it’s becoming even more precious. Losing or misplacing our valuables can cause numerous outcomes, and the worst part is searching for them. The average person can spend around 10 minutes a day searching for their lost phone, keys, wallet, briefcase, sunglasses, etc. That wasted time equals three days of our lives per year! Three days out of our precious life! Gone! If you multiply that just by the number of smartphone users (1 billion) that equals wasting (destroying)  more than 109,000 human lives a year!

However, thanks to Linquet you don’t have to deal with this problem ever again and you can prevent all those lives from being wasted. Linquet can help you with so many day to day problems and can save you time and free you from unnecessary stress. You just think about how you want to spend those saved 3 days: Beach? Skiing? Family?

Here are just a few ways Linquet can get you free mind and free time:

Stop Being Late!
Searching for lost valuables not only wastes time from your life, but also can make you late! Almost everybody can relate to the fact that they have been late to a business meeting, class, date, doctor’s appointment, etc. because of having to find their car keys, wallet, phone or other belongings. Not only this can cause you a lot of stress, but also it can lead to devastating effects such as losing your job or not meeting your future wife/husband.

Protect Your Identity
In this day and age, identity theft has become easier and easier culprits. One of the most common ways that they gain access to your personal information is by waiting for you to leave your item. You may think “It has only been five minutes.”, but in reality that is plenty of time for a thief to grab your left belongings.

This especially applies to laptops and smartphones because, like most average people, data is saved on websites/apps for credit cards and bank accounts. What was thought to be an easy access to account information is now a thief’s dreams come true! Remember, these people are experts and will gain access to information regardless if it has been saved or not, so start preventing the loss or theft of your valuables!

Take Advantage of Technology!
Simplified technology is “the” best way to prevent bad outcomes. What you need is a simple solution that can prevent the loss or theft of your phone and other personal belongings as well as locate them for you on demand. Keep your valuables and identity protected, while also having the ability to locate them instantly to get out the door and on to your destination faster!

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