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  • How To Track A Phone


    We’ve all had that moment, that stop you in your tracks sinking feeling when you realize your cell phone is gone. Try to keep calm and think about the ways you can retrieve it. If you’re around your friends or just inside of your home, use a friend’s phone or landline to call your number and help track your phone. As long as

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  • Twitter: Powered By Your Phones

    Twitter Powered By Smartphones

    If you watch TV, you have probably noticed the significant amount of shows now with ‘hash tags’ underneath them. This is because networks want you to make a tweet using that tag to get their program trending on Twitter. Today, Twitter is one of the most influential networks (if not the most influential one), and one of the reasons why is the fact that

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  • How To Get 3 Days Of Free Time!

    Save Time

    Time is our most valuable and sacred asset. And, due to our modern busy living, it’s becoming even more precious. Losing or misplacing our valuables can cause numerous outcomes, and the worst part is searching for them. The average person can spend around 10 minutes a day searching for their lost phone, keys, wallet, briefcase, sunglasses, etc.

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  • Phone Companies Are Hoping You Lose Your Phone


    Every 3.5 seconds a cellphone is lost. That’s over 9 million phones lost each year. This outstanding number is translating into is a massive profit for American phone companies. Over 30 billion dollars a year is lost in cellphone costs. For the average person, a new phone can cost them on average $200 to $400 dollars, and the phones companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

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  • Mobile Is A Way Of Life

    Its a Mobile World

    The following infographic is a classic example of how the word “phone” has morphed into this extension of our very being. The phone that you grew up with, the one that was attached to the wall in your Mother’s kitchen is gone. No more black and white rotary’s, no more hating phone numbers with nines or zero’s in it, those days are light years behind us, and what’s left is a device with clutch in our hands with love. The “phone” no longer has anything to do with talking to another person, in fact some people barley use their phones for making calls at all. Regardless we are losing them constantly. Phone anti-loss